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Let me introduce you to Stoner, yeah that guy, the one holding the blunt. This story is about him, a Big, Hard Stoned Crab. He’s got friends and their called Buds. Meet all the characters you might find in a trap. Add a good buzz, let your mind drift to what really goes down in those traps and you got Stoners Life!

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Meet Stoner and his Buds

Stoner is one smokin’ dude. He is big, hard and stoned. He got that giant claw slapping and pumping. Once he gets his clutches onto something, its on! Docile by nature, but piss him off, it’s on. Nibble on his bait as long as you like, once it’s gone, it’s on! Stoner is a party animal capable of grabbing onto a large blunt, always the last to leave.

His friends are called “Buds” and are usually found scurrying along the bottom of the trap. Most have two claws, some have one claw, a few none. All buds claim a story of a large creature who grabs them and rips their arm off and eats their claws. (Right…;) A little bit anxious, sometimes nervous, defiant addiction to Xanax and muscle relaxers. Buds have a tendency to cling to the walls and ceiling. Who wouldn’t give to the fact that Stoner always has the munchies! It’s ON!

Stoner With His Buds

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Meet Indica - Profile


Indica is small and a little broad and loves to just chillax with the buds. She is docile, playful, seductive with a savory, sultry personality. She is looking for a long-term relationship (LTR) with Stoner and the Buds. The buds will play along until they get hungry. Indica is usually the first to be eaten in a trap.


Marley is one laid back Rastafarian. He hangs out at the local traps, waiting on his friends the “Buds” to grab a quick meal. Marley is deeply rooted in a mysterious cult and loves to jam to reggae music. His relaxed easygoing style and ability to blend into any environment make him a hit with the local Buds and Stoner.

Meet Jose - Profile


Jose has issues. He suffers from several addictions, he definitely has some tendencies toward those of a sociopath, he is volatile, easily agitated and prone to fits of rage. Jose does not want to be touched, talked to and handling him is risky, he makes the “Honey Badger” look like a kitten.

Puffer Daddy

Puffer Daddy

A talented rapper, Puffer Daddy brings new meaning to inhale. Don’t provoke Puffer Daddy, get him angry and he huffs and puffs and blow himself up. This Bogart action might be perceived as threatening or rude due to the sharp notes, prickly lyrics, and diving beat. Enjoy, Partake, rap along with Puffer Daddy.

Cartoon character drawing of Seative


Seativa is complex, high maintenance, OCD with neurotic tendencies.  She is Kushy, overly focused and into word find puzzles.  When not trapped, you can find her at most Bingo Halls playing 35 cards with her bingo stamper.  Loves martinis in the morning afternoon and night when it does not interfere with love novel binging.