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Marley with his Buds


Marley is one laid back Rastafarian. He hangs out at the local traps, waiting on his friends the “Buds” to grab a quick meal. Marley is deeply rooted in a mysterious cult and loves to jam to reggae music. His relaxed easygoing style and ability to blend into any environment make him a hit with the local Buds and Stoner.

Octopus (General Information)

The scientific name, Octopoda. There are more than 100 species with the most common being Octopus vulgaris. Considered one of the most intelligent animals of the sea, the Octopus has a relatively short life span of 12 to 18 months. 

An octopus is an invertebrate animal, which means it has no spine, therefore you will find them in the most unlikely places such as: wedged under a rock, crammed into an old bottle or laying around inside a crab trap. They have highly developed pigment bearing cells, allowing them to have the incredible ability to camouflage themselves, sometimes making it impossible to see them. Their skin can go from a creamy white to match the sea floor to rustic red to match a sea wreck. 

It is believed by some scientist that octopi communicate through color. Octopi vary in size from 6 inches in overall length to some having tentacles approaching 4 feet and the head as big as a watermelon.

Octopi have unquenchable appetites, hunting and consuming everything from crabs, mussels, snails and even one another. A stone crab caught in a trap is an easy meal for an octopus. The octopus will drill into the hard crab shell with their beak-like mouths and then inject a muscle weakening venom. Once the octopi start showing up in your traps, you are done crabbing, they know where to get an easy meal.