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Grab your next great Tee, Racerback Tank, Straw Hat, Tumbler, Stoner decals (with and without a spiff) and much, much more at the Stoner Gear shop. Visit our online store today and get our original branded clothing and gear at reasonable prices.

Claw Law
  • Crab Laws & Crabbing 101

School may be out for summer, but don’t let that stop you from knowing the law! Get the latest information on Claw Laws, crabbing tips, strategies, and more – all from real crabbers!

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From Stone Crab Dipping Sauces, Southern Style Blue Crab Cakes, Stone Crab Enchilados, to super easy to make munchie recipes. You are sure to find something here to fill your belly & warm your heart. And if you are too baked to make these yourself, tell a friend to come to help you out!

Stoners Crab Shack
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Tired of Crabbing all day and ready to read up on the latest Stoner’s gossip?┬áThen you found the right spot! Drop your traps and come check out what’s going on at the Stoners Crab Shack.